A Poem/Prayer: Old Mormon Faith

It’s now been three years since I stopped investigating (seeking to convert) to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Three years,
In a time-span where I’ve thought more than once to return to the Church,
And get baptized once for all time.

I still read my Book of Mormon,
And follow the “Come, Follow Me” weekly readings,
But I still don’t want to commit to the church.

It means I’ll have to give up the lectionary in my church,
My praying to Jesus, God the Son,
It means I’ll have to give up coffee and energy drinks,
And praying the sign of the cross, wearing a cross necklace,
And carrying a Protestant rosary with me everywhere.

I’m still too attached to the Protestant, Trinitarian church,
To give up all that means to embark into the unknown,
Different, peculiar, other.

It means believing in something,
I’m not even sure is true or not.

I’ve tried so hard this past year to fit into the mainstream church,
By believing in the Trinity, I’ve become one with the whole Trinitarian Church.

I think I’ll stay here a little longer,
And possibly, maybe, I’ll convert after I retire as a Pastor,
Where I’ve lived this Trinitarian life long enough,
To explore something different.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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