It’s All in All – God’s Decree/Plan, My Life: A Poetic Prayer

Dear God
God, I’m in awe of you,
And your sovereignty and all your goodness.
You work all things for good, for those you called according to your purpose.

I’ve been struggling with Arminian vs. Reformed theology,
And I’ve realized, after talking with my Pastor,
And reading my Bible,
That’s its a lot more complicated than we once thought.

God has plans, hopes, decrees for our lives,
But we can still commit apostasy.

The jury is still out for whether some are predestined, according
To His purpose, for Hell.

I try to remain focused on this:
Present/Future: Free will choices that I can make.
Past: God’s decree/plan.

I cannot mess up God’s plan for my life, because its all been his plan all along.

Lord, this religion is complicated, but a relationship with you is simple.
It just means calling to you like David did, saying “God, embrace me.”

God, embrace me.
Envelope me in your loving arms,
Carry me to my destination, to my home in Heaven.

Help me live out this dream of yours.
Help me share this Gospel with others,
So they can be embraced by you,

The All-in-All God.

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