A Poem on Today

Today, I left my DoC church.
I’ve left the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

I met up with the pastor of First Presbyterian, and
Everything sounded right.
Reformed theology sounded right.
Even if the PCUSA shys away from predetermininism.

God, I see this is where you are putting me.
I enjoyed First Christian for a while,
But as the pastor put it,
That was for a time, a season,
And now it has run its course.

God, I’ve made such strides this year:
First, accepting the Trinity again,
Then Reformed theology,

And now a denomination with confessions, creeds, and a
History and a set theology that I can tap into when I preach,
So that I’m not always preaching the same thing every
Sunday: Love thy Neighbor.
I want to preach LOVE THY NEIGHBOR with a bit of a creed,
With confessions, Christian history, and denominational history
To back it up.

God, I’ve excited, really nervous,
And pumped for this next journey that you’ve got for me.
Fall 2019, here I come as a Presbyterian, for life!


I’m beyond sad, crumbling sad, to leave First Christian,
And my heart cannot take leaving Bev or Janet,
But it has to be done.
Lord, my heart aches.
Lord, watch over them and cherish them as beloved children of God.
I hope they see your light of progressive theology,
Where God loves all his children, not just the sinless ones.
Because we are sinners saved by grace – no longer guilty.
And some sins they think are still sins, were never sins to begin with
(I’m talking about homosexuality, here!).

I’m just trying to remind myself that this is for my good, so I’m trying to keep it together.
I’m waiting to hear back from Jack, to whom I sent that text saying I won’t be coming back to First Christian.

Lord, forgive me for leaving them, and help me on this journey with First
Presbyterian in the future!

Alleluia and Amen.

PS. I would love your prayers on this future.

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