Living in two worlds…

Dear God,
I am caught between two worlds.
Liberal Christianity in one hand, and conservative, Nebraskan Christianity,
In the other.

I find it liberating to study progressive biblical studies, where we
Are critical of the Bible’s origins,
But I also miss its applications to our lives.
Where we are guided by the Word,
Where God teaches us so much.

I feel taught by two worlds and one God.
I see God in action today, reflected in the Bible.

I see a Moses here, and a Pharaoh there,
I see a leader among a hateful place.
I see John the Baptist there, and Jesus here,
Proclaiming their Kingdom Come.
I see Paul in every business man, preaching his truth.

Lord, but I also see reality when it is there,
That there wasn’t actually an Exodus, or that the five books of Moses,
Were stories sewn together during and after the Babylonian Exile,
TO unite a refuge of people, the newly founded Jews, as they were
To be called from then on.

Lord, help me see this light in all things.
Help me see both.
Help me see Moses in my life,
And critical biblical scholarship in the Bible.

Help me see Jesus in everyone,
Even if Jesus didn’t say the exact words in the Gospels,
Same as Paul or Peter,
Or the fact that Paul and Peter didn’t write what everyone says
They did.

Help me pretend, for just a bit,
TO have faith,
But let me pretend
And acknowledge my pretending that the Bible
Is historically true,
So that my head can learn with my heart.

Lord, don’t force me to forsake my brain to accept Jesus.
Likewise, don’t force me to forsake Jesus for my brain.

Let my head learn with my heart.


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