A Reflective Poem on Psalms 137-138

Dear God,
Today, there are refugees missing home,
Having to forsake their land, their homes, their memories,
To find freedom.

Psalm 137 speaks of the Babylonian Exiles being led away,
As their babies are are dashed against rocks.

Psalm 138 speaks of rejoicing and praising God amidst the pain.

Lord, hear our prayer.
Lord, in your mercy.

When refugees come to our land,
We say “tell us a song of your land.
Tell of your culture,
So that we can mock you,
Appropriate you,
And then mock you again.

When refugees fear they will forget their home,
Or their children will forget their heritage,
They curse themselves.

Saying, “let me tongue cleave to my mouth,
So I may never talk again
If I forget where I came from.”

Let me forget everything,
If I forget where I come from.

But yet,
I will praise God amidst this pain.

All kings and leaders and rulers,
Shall praise your goodness,
O Lord,
In good time.

In good time,
All will be right and true,
And you will be seen as ruler of this world.

“In the day when I cried out,
You answered me,
And made me bold with
Strength in my soul,” (138:3).

Though I am lowly, you see me,
You rescue me,
You fight for me, a little refugee girl,
With brown eyes, dark hair,
And a missing mom,
Whom I haven’t seen for months now.

When will I see my parents again?
When will I remember my heritage?

I will worship toward the House of God,
Knowing that you are there,
And everywhere,
Me and my parents are.


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